Bonnes vacances


We are off to Spain and the south of France the next few weeks to see our family and friends there. Given my ongoing interest in all things ethnic identity and family heritage, I’m pretty chuffed* to be visiting the French Basque Country for the first time where half of the husband’s family is from. Here’s leaving you with a photo of Lolo looking very contemplative as I need to get back to packing. Haven’t used the backpack since our last rough-it-out trip to Sichuan’s Kham region last year !

* Not so chuffed perhaps: My inability thus far to convince the husband to get me a makila.

Summer is back again after a short hiatus


IMG_2892 IMG_2894


Happy to be living in the northeast of Paris, walking distance from two canals and away from the buzz of the Seine. A cheap bottle of French wine and a couple of friends I can call up on short notice make for a rather pleasant jaunt to make the most out of the extra evening daylight this time of the year.

New comfort food




Lunch chez belle-mère a few weekends ago. She made ossobuco with spaghetti. It was simple but so delicious, I’m actually craving it now as I type.

Made some things for a surprise party

output_cXK6kN output_GLauz4
What better reason to throw a party than the return of a classmate from summer semester last year ? Minor French error aside (see if you can spot it), we had plenty of fun with the props the entire evening, mid-conversation most times.

Bastille Day 2014

We were supposed to go on our friend’s moored péniche to view the fireworks like last year but the husband woke up feeling unwell so that plan was eventually scrapped (likewise no bals des pompiers this year thanks to the World Cup final extra time). Viewing the fireworks on the telly replete with music and aerial shots meant I ended the night with a better idea of the “War and Peace” theme commemorating the centenary of WWI.

p/s Super cute Google doodle by Julie Adore never mind that it is accidentally in Luxembourg flag colors ! Did you know the very first doodle was created for Bastille Day 2000 ?

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