Table for one



Been observing fellow customers in restaurants of late, especially those dining by themselves. Have found an Asian eatery in our new ‘hood which is equal parts buzzing with family activity and equal parts pockets of the odd lone male customer.

Jean Paul Gaultier




Playtime (1967)

Playtime for Tati … M.Hulot hunts for Giffard in an office of Mondrian geometry

Yet another French film that’s set in Paris, this time without much of a plot and in a grayscale, futuristic Paris with boxy buildings (and cubicles) but Jacques Tati takes it up to another level with playful, highly visual humor reserved for those who are observant. Most times, the dialogue, if any, is intentionally reduced to a background buzz so I suppose it’s not a bad film for those learning French and trying to immerse themselves in a bit of French cinema. *cough*

Elastic heart

So when people say, “Show your face, you’re not ugly.” I want to say, “I know. I’m not doing it because I think I’m ugly; I’m trying to have some control over my image. And I’m allowed to maintain some modicum of privacy. But also I would like not to be picked apart or for people to observe when I put on ten pounds or take off ten pounds or I have a hair extension out of place or my fake tan is botched.” Most people don’t have to be under that pressure, and I’d like to be one of them. (source)





IMG_1097 IMG_1100

Took some pictures for the landlord so he could put out an ad with recent pictures of the apartment.

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