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How to eat your way through Paris without breaking the bank

My first article on Buro 24/7 Singapore. Meep !

Weekend Getaway: Singapore

A shout-out to my country of birth, featuring the little person I had given birth to, on one of my favoritest parenting websites. This definitely made my day.

Almost a month since that ill-fated day

Written by Alison Khor for my cousin, Theng Kiat (13 Aug 1989 – 17 Jan 2018).




For the first time I’m realizing she’s not a baby anymore and is rapidly morphing into a toddler. I miss her round face.

Fundació Joan Miró


IMG_0781 IMG_0782




Summer seemed so long ago. A small taste of Catalonia (and the artist she was almost named after) for the little one who will hopefully speak a bit of Catalan one day.

Fundació Joan Miró
Parc de Montjuïc, 08038 Barcelona, Spain