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Weekend snippets #19





We were in Singapore over the weekend. It wasn’t my birthday but I received a fantastic pair of running shoes that made me want to run half marathons again.

Weekend snippets #18



Hello there, it was lovely to meet you Paola and Ignacio ! Hope to see you again soon.

As it turns out, J was a menace at the market. I’ve created an impulsive buying monster on a mission that bought up at last count: a pack of freshly-ground coffee, pecan tarts, a pack of truffle linguini, a bar of single origin Vietnamese chocolate, organic lettuce, a loaf of baguette…

I saw a girl with a full face of makeup at hot yoga class on Sunday who also brought a disposable cup of blueberry smoothie into the heated room. The instructor commented on her smoothie but made no mention of the makeup.

Immortalized. Merci, Émilie !

HKD 68 Thai durians at Wan Chai market vs. HKD 300+ Malaysian durians at City Super. Guess which ones I bought.

Weekend snippets #17



I am officially addicted to naengmyeon.

I’ve recently taken up hot yoga and am trying to keep to a manageable routine of two yoga sessions every weekend. Can’t say I feel healthier since or have found some sort of inner peace (still cannot deal with the ‘om’ chantings), I do like the feeling of sweating it out. Such a workout !

Hotpot restaurants which impose two-hour limits are so not cool.

Turns out my colleagues are closet karaoke geniuses. Five straight hours of belting out embarrassing songs we would have no problems denying if we are accosted in the streets.

Tsim Sha Tsui on weekends is such a nightmare, especially if you are in a hurry. I was nearly tripping over people and feet and toddlers and wheeled luggage every other minute.

Weekend snippets #16

Been some time since I last did a weekend snippets post. No photos, well that’s a first. I didn’t feel inclined to take any more photos until I get my Xinjiang snaps sorted out.

A red sleeveless silk blouse with metallic detail on the collar. Perhaps because it’s sold out, now I want it more (even if I know it is pricey for what it is).

We had a Japanese family over for dinner on Saturday night. Little Japanese girls are so darn cute ! Yuri-chan and Fuka-chan, it was nice to meet you both.

Had a rather picturesque high tea, my first. Good to spend time with the girlfriends although I now know for sure afternoon teas are not for me.

Didn’t manage to get up to much on my personal projects. The weekend felt rather unaccomplished and I ended up with a severe case of Monday blues.

Weekend snippets #15



I went for a swim on Saturday morning (in a last minute bid to tone my body up).

Panicking now because I had spent Saturday afternoon at Citygate Outlets instead of preparing for the wedding celebration. One last weekend to go before the flight out !

We stumbled upon a popular wanton mee stall in Jordan by chance and didn’t know it was well known until I googled up the name after we left. True indeed, not all wanton mee are created equal.

A stack of half-read Chinese-language magazines is already piling up at home and I had to buy one more over the weekend.

Weekend ended on a rather delightful note with homecooked paella, a gorgeous view of the setting sun and agreeable quantities of wine in good company.

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