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Paul Machenaud



A must, if you ever find yourself in Annecy.  Two baby squirrels came home with us.

Paul Machenaud
7, rue de la République, 74000 Annecy,
Haute-Savoie, France
+33 4 50 45 20 58

The Moustache Guide to Hong Kong





I had relied on the PDF version of this guide when I first moved to Hong Kong a year and a half ago. It was the perfect introduction to Hong Kong, with bite-sized anecdotes of charming little places to check out that makes for a good read even if one is not heading out to explore at all.

Was lucky to pop by Moustache last Saturday with J who needed to get a new suit made. Pick up your copy (HKD 100) at Moustache before it runs out !

31 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

There’s no place like home





I’m back in Shanghai as such I have finally framed and put up the recently-purchased prints in a lovely corner. I stumbled upon the bigger print, Sue by Madrid-based illustrator and designer Blanca Gómez at rockstar while I got the smaller gocco print by Scottish illustrator Jen Collins on Etsy.

Despite being not able to afford very much at the moment, I like to support art when I can. Thank you Jen for the heartfelt package with handwritten note and the cutest little badge (now pinned on my very worned-out Le Pliage tote along with wake me up at <insert destination> and The Little Dröm Store’s Mr. Squirrel badges) ! Your print is especially apt now that I’m starting a (happy) home of my own.


We bought our first art print the other day. I’d been eyeing Blanca Gómez‘s lovely illustrations for some time but I’ve never come across this particular one before. Need to go look for a suitable frame next !
sue by blanca gómez

Kitchen friends for a long long time

We had the opportunity to pop by a kitchenware store to do more than just window shopping thanks to J’s friends from work who recently gifted us with a voucher.


I’ve been mucking about in the kitchen sans recipes most of the time. Rather than more recipes, I think this is exactly what I need (I know the cover looks rather blah – was teetering between this and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food) to learn to better prepare ingredients/ cook food in ways that best enhance their flavors so that I can continue to frolick free-style in the kitchen to no end.


Here’s to the most gorgeous fried eggs to come (I hope) !


Was not able to resist these reasonably-priced and cheery tea infusers that finally turned up long after I’ve given up on the search.


Hurray to the cast-iron grill pan I can’t wait to use but I need to go find some lard to season it first.

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