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True to my words (self-fulfilling prophecy alert), change will come gradually. Whoever knew tailoring a basic theme to my liking or finding the perfect minimalistic theme could be this hard ? #help

That said, it’s also time for a change outside of the blog. Here’s a couple of things right off the top of my head I can work on once I’m done with my exams next week. Wish me luck.

1. Write more. If I want to hone my writing skills, I can’t be lazy about it.

2. Photograph with more thought.

3. Read better. Be truly informed on topics I’m passionate about instead of just having a cursory interest.

4. Further edit my wardrobe. Thought I was done with purging when I moved a few months ago but my wardrobe still looks like a mess so I guess more work lies ahead.

5. Surround myself with good people, both new and old, and don’t take them for granted.

6. Call home more often.

7. Eat better especially now that I’m living in a country that has lots to offer in quality produce.

8. Get back into exercise mode.

Nova Heart’s Beautiful Boys MV

Unadulterated brilliance from one of my favorite Chinese bands. Any MV that features a chuanr stall is definitely my kind of MV. (h/t NeochaEDGE)

You’re doing what you’re doing but you know it’s not for real



Dream gig (HELEN FENG + ATOM. ‘NUFF SAID) so good it’s worth venturing into the industrial heartlands of Ngau Tau Kok for the very first time on a Sunday night.

Clockenflap day #2

Helen Feng was the sole reason why I was at Clockenflap again on Sunday. Though slightly disappointed that Nova Heart turned out to be rather subdued and stripped down as compared to Pet Conspiracy, her stage presence and vocals were amazing as usual. My original plan to skip out at 6pm was dashed when I bumped into SY and friends. Ended up staying on for The Cribs (bad), danced to raunchy beats of Uptown Rockers (surprisingly good) and all the way through to Santigold‘s explosive set (great).





Clockenflap day #1

We had gotten lost along the way and made it to Duck Fight Goose‘s set barely in the nick of time, sneezing, runny noses and all. Considering it was the second last gig of the day, there was a good-sized crowd braving the chilly outdoors which eventually thinned as the hour-long set went (not complaining as it meant zero jostling). Very interesting experimental electronic/ rhythmic rock sounds overall except that the sound system was less than ideal and made Han Han sound jarring (!!) for the most part. They closed the set with History, a track about the deadly Shanghai blaze last year off their soon-to-be-released debut LP Sports. Scored a copy from a surly promoter, it’s brilliant and lives up to all the hype.








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