Food frenzy #9


The perfect fuss-free Christmas eve dinner is one where you order roast chicken and roast potatoes from the best rotisserie in town, finished off with a chocolate fudge banana cake you picked up on the way home from work.


I chanced upon some Bombay ducks in the local market and ended up craving for it the Teochew way as my mom prepares it, cooked fresh in soup seasoned with lots of coriander and scallion. The flesh of the fish is slippery, non-pungent and semi-translucent. Tastes best dipped in soy sauce with chilli slices.

I tried frying some for J since he is not too much of a fish person. Turns out I’m not too good at frying, the fish was all on the brink of crumbling off. Will try to coat fish with cornstarch next time.


More soups because winter is soup season. The best homecooked Chinese herbal chicken soup, yet. Macabre but I have a preference for freshly-slaughtered poultry from the wet markets.


Looks like someone stopped by the French bakery !

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