Kitchen friends for a long long time

We had the opportunity to pop by a kitchenware store to do more than just window shopping thanks to J’s friends from work who recently gifted us with a voucher.


I’ve been mucking about in the kitchen sans recipes most of the time. Rather than more recipes, I think this is exactly what I need (I know the cover looks rather blah – was teetering between this and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food) to learn to better prepare ingredients/ cook food in ways that best enhance their flavors so that I can continue to frolick free-style in the kitchen to no end.


Here’s to the most gorgeous fried eggs to come (I hope) !


Was not able to resist these reasonably-priced and cheery tea infusers that finally turned up long after I’ve given up on the search.


Hurray to the cast-iron grill pan I can’t wait to use but I need to go find some lard to season it first.

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