Weekend snippets #4



I was supposed to write Chinese New Year cards and get them in order for mailing out but I didn’t.

Look who’s on the cover of a local rag. Ho ho Polly furry cakes I’m sorry I called you pangpang because you don’t seem to like me very much anymore.

Eating by myself at home usually means bowl food in front of the laptop. I had messy (but mess-worthy) kebabs as I watched Project Runway: All-Star Challenge this time.

We were at a newly-opened wine bar that had an in-house photobooth. Great idea though I need to learn to take better photobooth snaps because my face looked so big in this set.

I was craving a piping hot bowl of ramen on Sunday and ended up getting udon because the restaurant only serves kimchi ramen. Bad decision, I should have stuck to California rolls.

Waited for J while he got his hair cut and didn’t go for mine.

So overcome by laze over the weekend. I haven’t felt this unmotivated in ages but I suppose we need to sit back and do nothing sometimes, so as to recharge ourselves for more things to come.

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