Weekend snippets #5






Hello it’s the last weekend before I’m headed for home. Yippeee, (I’m stressed with final weekend to-dos but I’m also) excited !

Mokkos with some friends after the company CNY dinner, topped off with a small serving of malatang before we parted ways into the night.

Found suitable bedroom slippers for mommy at the funny slipper shop.

Not much luck at Zara or H&M, I’m gonna have to bet it all on half a day’s worth of strategic shop traipsing on the eve of Chinese New Year with a bored boy in tow. Wish me luck.

New haircut cost me just RMB 10. I’m finding the outcome a little too short and a little messy, but oh well it was RMB 10 to begin with.

I bought a lovely handmade wok and felt like I’d bought a piece of history. Now I need to use it properly so that it will last for the next 20 years.

Also squeezed in some bachelorette party craziness. That game with the tealight candles and spoons, I’m totally down with it. Oh, and we ended the night on a stage at a packed Chinese club.

Met some new Singaporean friends over Sunday lunch at where else but a Singaporean restaurant.

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