Weekend snippets #6






Here’s a number of random photos from the weekend just past.

I’m guilty of a massive backlog of photos from Singapore. I’ll be organizing and posting them up soon, I promise.

On Saturday we reached the Shanghai Art Museum at 4pm for the Marc Riboud retrospective, turns out the museum closes at 4.

A chance detour over to MoCA for a sampling of Zhou Tiehai’s Desserts which left me intrigued and puzzled. Did you know Zhou doesn’t paint his own works ?

I spent some time petting a big dog and holding a six month old baby in my arms. Not at the same time though.

Pleasantly surprised by the packaging of the chamomile tea bag at brunch. I think it looks nice with the twine bit curled.

One of the few things I like about winter is being able to wear nice patterned tights.

Watched an Adam Sandler comedy on Sunday night that wasn’t so slapstick funny after all and then bed immediately after.

I felt sick-ish the entire weekend and it escalated some the past two days. Been taking meds and drinking LOTS of water to try make it go away.

2 Thoughts on “Weekend snippets #6

  1. Where is this branch place? The tea bag is enough of a selling point!

    And yes, I was having a discussion about the souless-ness of outsourcing of art in China. Did you know the oil paintings in Taikang Lu – someone would use a blown up photograph and have a bunch of people paint oils over them to sell? Terrible.

  2. admin on March 11, 2010 at 1:31 PM said:

    Oh it’s actually just Enoteca at Anfu Lu. I was pleasantly surprised it was made by a Chinese company (can’t remember the brand name right now though).

    Ack ! It’s all too industrialized these days. Even if they don’t paint over photographs, there are still “artist towns” where art school graduates work in sweatshops reproducing art 24/7.

    In Zhou’s case, while I understand that established artists often rely on assistants to complete their works, but for one that started out and got famous solely on the basis of conceptualizing works ? That’s new to me.

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