La caroleuse

‘La caroleuse’ is actually part of a larger series by Shanghainese artist Zhou Tiehai entitled ‘Desserts’, comprising of invented and re-invented French desserts such as diplomate, juge, ministre, prof, commissaire, sycophante, caroleuse, blancheresse and financier.

We browsed the 400 pieces that were on display and I think it would have been more interesting for me if I were French because there are so many cultural and historical references, along with word plays, that escape me. Intriguing nevertheless, I left wondering if Zhou had stipulated a particular sequence for the 400 pieces because the sequencing seems tongue-in-cheek at times (see fifth photograph below).

In case anyone was wondering, that hand photograph was only because I was trying to capture my new (barely noticeable) sheer nail polish (with glitter bits !) in natural light at the museum not because I was bored. My nails still look as frumpy, regardless of nail polish bah !







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