Food frenzy #25


Mommy’s take on the hotpot we’ve come to associate Chinese New Year with over the years. Tasty MSG-free meat broth (made from scratch, not from a bottle) and spicy home-made dipping sauce (non too finely-chopped garlic and chilli in calamansi juice, light soy sauce and vinegar) guaranteed.


Inspirasi mee soto, how I’ve missed you so.


My favorite yu sheng is actually this one that is available all year round at Maxwell Food Centre. $2 worth of a refreshing and very fresh sashimi salad, in savory Singapore style. Uh, salivating now as I write. Thanks YM for the treat !

2 Thoughts on “Food frenzy #25

  1. God, I love your food pics!!!

  2. admin on May 10, 2012 at 2:42 PM said:

    sofie – Aw thanks ! Hope they’ve made you hungry.

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