Weekend snippets #8






We had a quiet dinner in a dimly lit and pleasant restaurant right smack in the middle of the nightlife buzz on a Saturday night.

J started wearing a fake wedding band over the weekend. I think it might have come from a bottle of wine we’d opened months back. I’m amused that he doesn’t seem inclined to take it off anytime soon. Since I am still without an engagement ring, this might work – as a substitute ring worn by the fiancé instead.

The rare glimpse of sunny, warm weather prompted us to go on an ad hoc trip to Qibao on Sunday. More on Shanghai’s very own water town in another post very soon.

Summery blooms in the apartment, I like very much even though I don’t know their names.

4 Thoughts on “Weekend snippets #8

  1. spendid! looks like lilies!

    p.s. you should not keep such a large bouquet of lilies in the same room where you sleep, as they usually have a very strong scent based on essential oils and the body might react to it: it gives headaches.

  2. admin on March 23, 2010 at 8:55 AM said:

    Ohh right they do look like lilies but in reality they are actually tiny, about one-fifth the size of the lilies we know, so I’m not sure if they are. Heh don’t worry they are in the living room. Good to know about lilies and headaches, I never knew !

  3. Those are lovely though I notice they eminate a strong smell so I tend to keep them by the window.

    I collect left-over pasta jars which make wonderful small vases for flowers that you can keep in the bedroom or pockets around the house. This is also a great way keep flowers fresher for a longer time especially when you have to trim the stems. They make a wonderful array whether you have a single stem of a large flower or a bunch of random variety.

  4. admin on March 23, 2010 at 3:16 PM said:

    Sue Anne – I haven’t smelled anything yet, will go sniff them when I get home today. I’ve seen lovely flowers in pasta sauce jars around, problem is I find it a hassle to remove the labels. On the topic of pasta, I’m actually using my Ikea spaghetti canister for my roses right now.

    I don’t trim the stems all the time out of pure laze (also re changing water too). This time I’ve put a paracetamol tablet in the water for the first time in the hope of making the flowers last longer. Not sure if it works yet.

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