On probably the sunniest day so far this year


We found ourselves at the Shanghai Botanical Garden, even then the skies turned somewhat grey not too long after. We had intended to head to Chongming Island for a leisurely day trip but the throngs of people queuing to buy ferry tickets scared us off.


Look what a last minute change of plans brought us – chirpy Haibao all decked out in Santa Claus gear balancing on his ribbon with a bouquet in hand. Haibao effigies are annoyingly everywhere in Shanghai these days, I’m afraid.


Don’t think I’ve seen tulips out of vases growing in the soil before this.


We stared at this colorful horticulture attempt for the longest time: What are the two pandas in the foreground doing ? Is this a ritual of sorts ? Why is the girl panda lying down ? So many questions, no answer to date.


Then a little stroll in a pretend bamboo forest.


I haven’t had a balloon in years ! I was happy, so was 小虎 !


Not as fantastic as the ones by Terry Richardson and Tommy. I need to learn to take better pictures.


There were still alot of people everywhere though, families out in full force with grandparents and kids in strollers. I might have been the only adult with a balloon but it was good fun reliving childhood.

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