Big changes are coming this way

… in every direction and on every front, which may explain why I’ve been feeling uninspired of late but that is no excuse, I need to get my momentum back again.

Throw in a few upcoming trips: Going down south in search of my roots, visit ancestral hometowns for the first time and see where I might have been if my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother had not gotten on the slow boat to Southeast Asia in 1959. Then a week-long backpacking holiday with the sister to northwestern China. It’s going to be the first time we are traveling together by ourselves and I can’t wait to show her the non-touristy side of China.

At this point, there are so many uncertainties. I’m fraught with worry yet what would life be without the thrill of uncertainties ahead ? I can only hope they will fall in place properly in due course. To add to the noise, the fiancé is currently caught in the volcanic ash hoopla in Europe. Let’s hope he can make it back safely and in time. Fingers crossed.

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