Conversation overheard at lunch yesterday


That coming from a conversation between two trendy-looking post-90s Chinese boys, I couldn’t help but started paying attention to what they were saying as it was surprisingly heartfelt.


The conversation took a turn for something a little more unexpected when one of the boys talked about how he grew to be rather independent when he was growing up because his parents were busy most of the time and were not at home. He saw them once a week for dinner at most.


His friend responded when the boy mentioned that he always hits his dog at his family home. Even today when he gets his dog sitter to let him speak to his dog over the phone, the animal cringes with fear just hearing his voice.


The boy added. He noted he is strict with his nephew because he doesn’t want the child to grow up like him, a rebellious teenager who engaged in fights and theft because he was spoilt by his parents. He stole RMB 10,000 from his dad one time.


He said he has been in Shanghai since November last year and remarked how he hasn’t been homesick once unlike his friends. His father is now visiting and will likely stay for one to two months more, he’s not too enthusiastic about it.


The two boys delved further into their childhood, marked by experiences of being hit by their respective fathers when they misbehaved. One mentioned how his dad dragged him home from a fight and hit his head against the wall on a separate occasion, contrary to my impression of well-to-do Chinese fathers who fawn over their little emperors.

I’d then finished lunch and had to go back to the office. It was quite a bit of interesting insight into the lives of China’s post-90s youth today I suppose. At times like this, I really appreciate that I do blend into the crowd quite easily.

2 Thoughts on “Conversation overheard at lunch yesterday

  1. for this, i’m very glad that i can read both languages. your post is brilliant… some insights to those young guys… you’re right, surprisingly sincere. but aren’t we all tempted by the impulse of judging others by appearance?

  2. admin on April 11, 2011 at 6:29 PM said:

    luz – Yeah, am amazed by the things we discover if only we just sit down for a moment and take some time to listen…

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