Not in my top form last Saturday as I sneezed my way from Shanghai to Hong Kong, home for the next couple of years. Being sick-ish in Hong Kong made me feel claustrophobic for the first time. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again. On a cheerier note, wireless internet connection in the apartment was set up within the first hour of our moving in. Yay.

5 Thoughts on “Disembarked

  1. You’re not in Shanghai anymore? HK is a lot of fun .. lots of things to explore!

  2. admin on June 2, 2010 at 2:16 PM said:

    Yeah, thanks ! Good to hear those words. So far people have told me that HK is a concrete jungle of a city (verified) with convenient trekking options, hoping to discover more of its quaint and quirky side.

  3. I’ve got a friend who’s ever ready to give up everything for HK! Hahah, so I guess it’s definitely an amazing country. I’ve been to HK like last year and this year, haven’t had anything bad to complain about. Love the country’s design/art scene.

    How long would you be based in HK for?

  4. admin on June 22, 2010 at 12:56 PM said:

    Euphemia – Probably for two to three years. Before this I had been in HK twice, though I absolutely hated it the first time. It’s become a bit more lovable since and I’ll definitely go check out its design/art scene.

  5. Wow, 2-3 years is long. I can’t wait to read more post about HK from you. Hehehe!

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