Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives




A rather impromptu reunion of sorts with the students’ council guys, it’s slightly creepy how these pictures exude quite a timeless feel. Put us back in uniforms and we’ll look no different from 10 years (!) back.

Also funny how back in those days, the hawker centre was the last place I would suggest when I meet with friends, it’s more where I go to dine with family. But of course in recent years, whenever I’m back in Singapore, the hawker centre increasingly becomes a natural dining location of choice for meet ups. Trendy restaurants are everywhere and I rather divide my time between homecooked meals and hawker centres during my limited number of days there.

Speaking of which, I’m already back in Hong Kong and ought to scamper off to bed now as gainful employment starts tomorrow. Mixed feelings abound.

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