Mid-Autumn hoopla


The last time I’d celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival proper was when I was a child and mommy had signed us up for celebrations organized by the Residents’ Committee in our neighborhood.

In Hong Kong, it’s more of a big deal and people make sure to spend time with their families and head home/ out to restaurants for reunion dinners so I got caught up in the flow too.


Forget about battery-powered inflatable lanterns with all the bells and whistles, flimsy traditional lanterns FTW !


We also took a trip down memory lane… à la pomelo hats. Yup, it’s as entertaining and ridiculous as it looks.


Can’t decide on what I like best about this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival – the family flying in to celebrate with us, me eating a grand total of ZERO mooncakes or this chubby squirrel lantern my sister bought for J.

One Thought on “Mid-Autumn hoopla

  1. luzette on December 1, 2010 at 3:11 PM said:

    i love the pomelo hats! it’s the first time i’ve seen them, and they remind me of the battery people, if you know what i mean. then on the same day, saw a baby in this hat… isn’t it weird? in terms of posing, you guys are naturals.

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