Food frenzy #32


Since I’m not generally a fan of sugary-buttery goodness, you can probably guess that I wasn’t the one who’d ordered this. I wasn’t tempted to try it and didn’t eat any of it either.


Instead I ordered tomato macaroni soup for the first time, apparently a cha chaan teng staple. It was just okay, probably something I would order if I was ill or if I didn’t feel like eating at all.


Yay for roasted meats. The pork crackling was very good and so was the side of crunchy cabbage. I only wish they had included Singapore-style chicken rice or duck rice chilli in their selection of condiments.


This was our late dinner last night. I got home slightly earlier i.e. 8.30pm and whipped up a quick meal of chilli tuna linguine. Canned chilli tuna courtesy of my friend S who unloaded her stash at my place en route back to Singapore. As you can see, I love coriander very, very much and usually add an irrationally ginormous amount to my food whenever I cook at home.

6 Thoughts on “Food frenzy #32

  1. tomato macaroni soup looks strange~ any taste?

  2. Tasted just like how it looks, bland-ish.

  3. cranberrymist on November 17, 2010 at 4:52 PM said:

    haha- I think I know who S is. chili tuna has followed for years. Ur linguine looks quite beautifully al dente!

  4. cranberrymist – Haha thanks. Hmm I need to lay my hands on more chilli tuna !

  5. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the macaroni in plain soup with tomatoes either. I think you need to grow up in Hong Kong to really like that – one of those WW2/Post War nostalgic dishes. I don’t get why everyone orders it at Australian Dairy Company. I do love HK style french toast, there’s a little bit of savory thrown in there as well, as it’s got peanut butter between the two slices of bread. You’re right – it is awfully sweet.

    Which cha chaan tang is this one?

  6. Terence – Haha, good that I didn’t try the toast then. I just don’t get the tomatoes part of the macaroni soup. They are not overcooked and are way too fresh/raw for my liking. Macaroni soup on its own is something else altogether. Yum !

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