Done and done !


We held our wedding celebration in Singapore last week, graced by a cozy bunch of family and close friends. We got really lucky weather-wise as grey ominous clouds and downpours had marked most of the week prior.

Glad that everything turned out well after months of preparations just the way we hope, with a good mix of formalities, customs (hello, bride-fetching games, tea ceremony !) and casual fun. No champagne towers or dress changes, I wore the same wedding dress and ate and drank and mingled with everyone through the night, plus a bit of dancing to music from a self-compiled playlist.

So yes, we’re out of the sort-of married twilight zone finally ! Time to unpack my luggage (I miss Singapore already) and a little break before part two of the celebrations with the other side of the family next year.

p.s. Oh, the paper cut-out above was done by my superbly crafty cousin A at past 12am the night before the wedding, just four hours before the photographer, make up/ hair stylist, family and friends were due to arrive. Yes we were thaat last minute, ahaha.

p.p.s. From the husband to a friend who couldn’t join us: “La celebration s’est tres bien passee, j’ai pleure pendant mon discours et je suis malade depuis hier, bref tout va bien.” And that’s exactly how we started the first day of the rest of our lives.

4 Thoughts on “Done and done !

  1. CONGRATS!!! ^^

  2. Thank you !

  3. Heartiest congratulations 🙂 The wedding sounds perfect.

  4. zee – Thank you ! Wasn’t perfect perfect by perfectionist standards but was perfect enough for me because everyone was happy and had a good time.

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