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  1. hi gal, Shu Ting told me u were in SG during Dec for ur wedding.. I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to you. Oh I did not know you have relocated to HK but then I dropped by HK in dec (which you aren’t around) and was only in SG for a few days (of which I only arrange limited meetups as the timespan was too short and I wanted to spend time at home too) so I guess is hard to have meetup with you too. Thus it was lovely to be able to see how you look like now via your blog 🙂
    Take care and 2011 would be an even better year for you and your hubby 🙂

  2. bflygal – Hello !! Such a surprise and it’s good to see you here. Where do you stay now ? Looks like you’re having the same issue as I whenever I’m home. And let me know when you’re in HK next time !

  3. currently in melbourne. i’m working for SG co but cos my client is in Melbourne so had been here since Sep 2010, shuttling back to SG at least every 1-2 mths. Let me know when u drop by Melbourne too.. u haf my email/fb/any other contacts?? haha.. i haf ur SG hp but i dunno if u still retain it.

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