Summing up 2010

* I visited my ancestral hometown and met relatives I didn’t know I had.
* I got married. We signed the papers in Shanghai and celebrated with friends at a karaoke parlor on the same night, followed by a proper celebration with half of the family in Singapore in December just past.
* I had to plan a wedding celebration long-distance.
* I blogged far lesser than I would have liked to, not just on my own blog but also with respect to commitments elsewhere. Resolved to change this in 2011.
* I became (hopelessly) addicted to Tabasco sauce, chuan’r and malatang, not necessarily in this order though I usually also have no trouble consuming them all in the same meal.
* I went backpacking with my sister for the first time. We took a 20+ hour train ride and rode camels in the desert. I think she enjoyed herself.
* I said goodbye to Shanghai.
* I was unemployed for the first time without a new job lined up and felt extremely insecure.
* I wished I had traveled more around China, Shantou alone altered my impression of coastal China.
* I didn’t swim as much as I should, which meant my old back injury would probably come bite me in the arse one day very soon.
* I spent part of the summer in Europe.
* I found out I was unable to eat wanton/fishball/fish dumpling noodles on a daily basis, unlike chuan’r or mommy’s fishball noodles which I apparently could not get sick of.
* I left my moleskine schedule book in a taxi in September. Nine months of my life plus some scheduling and reminders, gone, just like that.
* I wore contact lenses for the first time.
* I bade farewell to my trusty N2630 and became a smartphone user (merci J, you spoil me too much).
* I revisited Shanghai on the second last day of the year and it felt like I still live there. What a fitting end to the year which acted like nothing had changed when in fact everything had.

2 Thoughts on “Summing up 2010

  1. Seems a productive and exciting year behind you. Congratulations on your marriage, a wonderful milestone indeed! Shantou is worth another visit for sure, alas, China is so large, one simply does not know where to begin, much less end. Cheers…

  2. Sue Anne – Thank you ! Did you post your Shantou pictures anywhere ? Been looking out for them but realized perhaps your Shanghai Street Stories site wasn’t the most appropriate of sites.

    So true, there’s still so many places in China that I want to go/ revisit… rather distressing when I think about how I’m not even living on the mainland and I don’t get week-long batches of hols anymore.

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