Weekend snippets #11



Much of Saturday night was spent inside shipping containers. We ended the night with barbeque and beer, no pictures as my fingers were too greasy to fiddle with the camera.

Finally remembered to get some pork lard from the butcher when I was at the market to season my cast iron grill pan and wok. They don’t seem quite evenly seasoned though, rather greasy at the sides still. Will know if they are alright next time I grill/stir-fry something.

J bought himself a PS3. I never even knew he was into gaming. The things one learns after marriage these days ahaha.

Gave Sabah one more try over the weekend. Still can’t wrap my head around it. Sure the assam laksa was tasty and the curry laksa was dubious (as usual)… Then we ordered the murtabak partly because it was too cheap to pass up (HKD 35) and I was kinda craving for it after Tom’s post. Despite being prata-thin with a minimal filling of minced beef, it actually tasted pretty good. Thumbs up for the side of curry too. So well, guess I will be back.

I learnt how to pronounce plum green tea in Cantonese, thanks to a very helpful bubble tea stall staff.

2 Thoughts on “Weekend snippets #11

  1. Is green tea in canto a direct translation – chaeng char? Hahahaha!

  2. Euphemia – Haha, close enough. It’s translated from 綠茶 so pronounced somewhat as ‘luk cha’.

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