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Hong Kong appears to be a treasure chest of exotic old-school food packaging designs as I’ve come to realize over the past months, complete with Wade-Giles romanization. Not all products originate from Hong Kong though, such as these bottles of medicinal liquor. Comparatively speaking from my own experience, I’m surprised how such vintage designs are actually less pervasive on the Mainland (give and take the occasional Feiyue and Warrior shoe packaging). Anyone knows why ?

4 Thoughts on “Vintage food packaging

  1. i LOVE vintage packaging! don’t have the answer to that, but India has even prettier vintage typography handpainted all over. maybe it was communism, but SH has really cool stuff, less so in Beijing.

  2. baobabs – Me too ! Really ? I’ve seen quite a few in Beijing, particularly love those yoghurt clay pots !

  3. I like these!!! Makes me think ‘xhong houi tan’ kind of era. Hehehe!

  4. Euphemia – Lol !! Looong ban *ta-da-da* looong lau *ta-da-da*

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