Weekend snippets #13



Hong Kong Sevens, the offspring of an all-day Halloween party on speed and a relocation of douchebag central from Lockhart Road to Hong Kong Stadium coupled with the adrenaline rush of contact sports.

Among my favorite costumes, guy in Borat fluro green teeny-weeny swimming trunks, the Gaddafi dude, girls dressed up as grannies in sensible shoes, handbags and floral dresses, and the couple of Popes.

I was amazed at the human capacity to consume copious amounts of alcohol (and guilty of it myself as well). 

In spite of everything, the festive atmosphere was actually very family-friendly. Lots of happy children running about and having a ball of a time with their parents, grandparents or fellow kiddos from school.

Outside of rugby, we only accomplished one other thing over the weekend. We had gone to see the priest with my witness, a good friend coincidentally in town for business. Well, one more tiny step towards completing the almost-overwhelming amount of paperwork/ formal procedures in the run up to the wedding celebration in France.

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