First time on the Great Wall

A quick post before I leave for Shanghai this evening, especially as I’m not done with packing just yet !

J finally made it to the wall after having lived in China for more than three years. While I’m not sure if I would recommend anyone else to head to Mutianyu as we did (too shiny and restored), the wheeled toboggan was certainly quite fun (could have been more fun if they don’t have staff policing speed limits all the way down the mountain) but that’s quite beside the point isn’t it ?

Oh, we also managed to explore a section of the wall which was off-limits to tourists, overgrown with weeds and wild flowers complete with crumbling walls… a secret garden of sorts ! That was actually pretty awesome. Otherwise, my favorite section of the Great Wall of all times has still got to be that great workout of a trek from Jinshanling to Simatai.









2 Thoughts on “First time on the Great Wall

  1. Hey!!! Weiling! weili gave me your blog hahaha why dont you have fb?!? lol I’m shao kiat’s sister. =) hows it going!

  2. Xiu – Ha ha, hi there ! Didn’t feel like signing up for it and never did. I’m good, how about you ?

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