Noodles from Liuzhou (that’s right, a city in Guangxi)



Just when I thought I’ve tried everything that Shanghai has to offer, something new pops up. Like guilin mifen, but better. Best enjoyed streetside on the last days of Autumn with a girlfriend.

No. 621-623 Anyuan Lu (near Yanping Lu), Putuo district, Shanghai, P.R. China

4 Thoughts on “Noodles from Liuzhou (that’s right, a city in Guangxi)

  1. Ohh guilin mifen looks like the Yunnanese mixian! Are you back in Shanghai now?

  2. Mmm, I used to frequent an eatery in Shanghai and the Yunnanese mixian there is awesome (not sure how authentic it is since I haven’t been to Yunnan before). Great comfort food.

    Unfortunately not, I was back for a week for work. I miss Shanghai.

  3. @admin – let’s trade! I’ll move to HK and do your job, you return here and do mine!

  4. Terence – Sounds like a good deal. We can talk over dinner in that posh crab place next time. Take me there !

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