The Moustache Guide to Hong Kong





I had relied on the PDF version of this guide when I first moved to Hong Kong a year and a half ago. It was the perfect introduction to Hong Kong, with bite-sized anecdotes of charming little places to check out that makes for a good read even if one is not heading out to explore at all.

Was lucky to pop by Moustache last Saturday with J who needed to get a new suit made. Pick up your copy (HKD 100) at Moustache before it runs out !

31 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

6 Thoughts on “The Moustache Guide to Hong Kong

  1. Hey so glad you like it! We’re doing a new online version soon but it’s much nicer to have the little book, no? Thanks for writing about us, and happy holidays! Alex

  2. Alex – It is, much handier ! Happy holidays to you and Ellis !

  3. Oh, want! Do they ship overseas?

  4. notabilia – I might go with J to the shop next week for his suit. I’ll get one for you then.

  5. Oh, that would be fantastic. I’ll happily PayPal you the cost.

  6. notabilia – Don’t worry about it. Let’s see if I can lay my hands on one first.

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