Atop mini mountains a couple of days after Christmas

Following our Christmas binge gluttony over the weekend, we embarked on a hike for some fresh air and much needed exercise. Life is good with pepper jack cheese and ham sandwiches plus paper cups of rosé. Here’s to a wonderful new year ahead everyone !













11 Thoughts on “Atop mini mountains a couple of days after Christmas

  1. This post makes me want to pack my bags and move to HK.

  2. This is so beautiful! My boyfriend and I always mean to search out the beaches in HK, but we always get sidetracked. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. notabilia – Heh !

    Sewon – You’ll have to come in the summer one day when the water is not as cold. It’s perfect to sit in the sand with gentle waves of crystal-clear waters !

  4. I’d love to go camping at Tai Wan beach someday. Nevermind that it’s not legal.

  5. buwuzhengye – Is it not legal ? I haven’t noticed campers at Tai Wan before but I’ve seen quite a few at the nearby (and equally gorgeous) Long Ke Wan.

  6. absolutely gorgeous! happy 2012 🙂

  7. zee – Thanks, you have a merry 2012 too !

  8. yeah, one can only camp at designated spots in the country parks.

  9. buwuzhengye – Dang ! Do it nevertheless, just pack up if you’re caught.

  10. I hate hike! so tired! How could u make it?!

    Where? HK?

  11. Grace – I don’t like climbing either but meibanfa, gotta push myself to do a bit of exercise sometimes hehe. Yes HK, in Sai Kung !

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