1994 Karamay fire


基本扫除青少年文盲. 基本普及九年义务教育. 迎接自治区“双基”评估验收. 汇报演出. 同学们不要动,让领导先走!因公牺牲?

Xu Xin’s 2010 documentary film Karamay comes strongly recommended even if one has to be pretty hardcore to stick it out through the six hours’ worth of heart-wrenching accounts in 14 parts, first part starting here (h/t Far West China). Answers, justice, government acknowledgment, death certificates… Too much to ask for ? My heart goes out to all the parents whose children have perished or who were left maimed after the tragedy.

Originally this post would have been my first post of the Chinese New Year, but guess I eventually decided against starting the year on such a grim and depressing note.

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