Weekend snippets #18



Hello there, it was lovely to meet you Paola and Ignacio ! Hope to see you again soon.

As it turns out, J was a menace at the market. I’ve created an impulsive buying monster on a mission that bought up at last count: a pack of freshly-ground coffee, pecan tarts, a pack of truffle linguini, a bar of single origin Vietnamese chocolate, organic lettuce, a loaf of baguette…

I saw a girl with a full face of makeup at hot yoga class on Sunday who also brought a disposable cup of blueberry smoothie into the heated room. The instructor commented on her smoothie but made no mention of the makeup.

Immortalized. Merci, Émilie !

HKD 68 Thai durians at Wan Chai market vs. HKD 300+ Malaysian durians at City Super. Guess which ones I bought.

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