Increasingly it makes no difference which hotpot establishments I go to given the number of posts/ photos dedicated to my ongoing obsession with this bubbling pot of joy. The impeccable service alone, which is a rarity for those familiar with the F&B scene in China, warrants a visit to Sichuanese hotpot chain Haidilao. Food-wise, who can say no to fresh, affordable, delicious ingredients and tasty soup bases ? They’ve seriously outdone themselves. Not that the poor picture quality helps but, see, huge grin on the face of the noodle guy ! Everyone looks genuinely happy working there !

So, anyway, until Haidilao opens in Hong Kong next year or the year after (so I’ve been told), it will probably be fair to say that Haidilao would be the primary reason why I’ll be traipsing over to Shenzhen every so often.

海底捞 Haidilao
5-6/F, No. 63 Youyi Lu, Luohu district, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R. China
+86 (755) 8225 0991;+86 (755) 8225 0992

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