They don’t tell you where the washroom is before you board the boat








Contrary to what I had been advised, I feasted on seafood within a week after the freak accident which had left an open wound (thank god for no stitches). In my defense, the dinner was scheduled weeks ago and I couldn’t possibly have cancelled last minute. In any case, I’m trying my best to stay away from dark soy sauce for the foreseeable future. Boy, the seafood that night was good.

2 Thoughts on “They don’t tell you where the washroom is before you board the boat

  1. Wee Ling! I am indeed very curious about how the accident happened!! XD
    Hope its healing well though!

    I must say again, your pictures are very special … i don’t know how to describe it exactly … just SPECIAL~

    it’s a pity we don’t get to talk too much this semester~ let’s get dinner together some day~

    and how do you book a dinner at these boats? approx how much per head?
    thinking whether this is do-able for my tour customers …….
    well certainly not the washroom part but if they have yeung chow fried rice on the menu that should suffice ~ 😛

  2. P.S. those razor clams look so yummy!!!! 😀

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