Weekend snippets #19





We were in Singapore over the weekend. It wasn’t my birthday but I received a fantastic pair of running shoes that made me want to run half marathons again.

8 Thoughts on “Weekend snippets #19

  1. ive the same shoes! but in a much more boring color!! 🙂 high five..

    p.s. does not make me feel like running though! lol

  2. zhing – Haha high 5 ! Do not jinx me…

  3. Lunar Eclipse?

    I’ll be running the HK Half in February

  4. Terence – Don’t think so. No idea what they are either, you’d probably know better if you could see them properly. Nice ! I missed the registration but then again I haven’t run in ages. Need to get started again.

  5. Heh, actually looking closely at them they look like last year’s Lunar Glides.

  6. Terence – Hmm, I looked them up. Doesn’t look like it. No idea what they are though. I don’t have the box, guess it can be found somewhere on the shoes ?

  7. It’s not really that important – but that little pink box on the tongue under the Nike label should have the name

  8. Terence – Thanks ! Ah, they’re LunarGlide 3s !

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