Because it is already 9 August where you are at

It’s the first time I’m living so far away from you and there’s no better way to celebrate your awesomeness than with a post chock-full of photos of food I had eaten the last time I was home in June. Hawker centres or nothing. Happy 48th, Singapore !


Kway chap.

Yong tau foo.

BBQ chicken wings, blood cockles and beer. A routine with #4.


Chicken rice with the girls. Note how you can choose to add dark sweet soy sauce to your rice and mix it all up.


Mee kuah with the sister. A new routine of sorts.

Mee soto and mutton soup. Halal, non-halal.

Headed to Tong Ah for the first time with mom only to realize they were relocating in a few weeks.

Sliced fish vermicelli and yu sheng.

5 Thoughts on “Because it is already 9 August where you are at

  1. everything looks so yummy 😛

  2. I made the mistake of reading this post at dinner time. Now I’m looking up flights to SIN.

  3. Mel – Mmm, they are !

    Terence – LOL. Take me with you.

  4. Probably the best tribute to sg I’ve ever seen :9

  5. melly – Aw !

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