The trains are now so clean

After a lifetime spent hating on almond-flavored everything, I’ve just realized that almond jelly is quite tasty after all.

9 Thoughts on “The trains are now so clean

  1. Cranberrymist on September 13, 2013 at 7:29 AM said:

    A lot to do with how your defenses were let down by such homely fare I reckon !

  2. Cranberrymist – Ha ha !

  3. Didn’t like 杏仁茶?It was probably a staple of the Hong Kong part of my childhood.

  4. Terence – Nope, it’s categorised under one of those things I’ve always tried to avoid. The staples of my childhood are formula milk and bovril minced pork porridge haha.

  5. You eat bovril and yet no Almond Tea? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN?!!

  6. Terence – LOL ! Go talk to my mom.

  7. Really? I don’t think I ever tried it. Now I’m curious!

  8. the food looks delicious!!


  9. Camila Faria – If you like beancurd desserts, you would like this. It’s essentially beancurd with a subtle almond taste !

    dawn – It is ! Such a feast courtesy of my girlfriend’s parents, my tummy left the dinner table happy and sleepy.

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