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Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik came up a number of times on my radar when I was researching potential souvenirs from Oslo. I really like his aesthetics, especially how he incorporated bunad motifs into daily life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to bring home any of the items I had my heart set on because they were either beyond my budget (Røros Tweed blanket included), made in China or vetoed by the French other half (Thor Bjørklund cheese slicer). Instead I now have a slab of smoked salmon, some spice smoked mackerel and a moose saucisson in the kitchen – at the very least I’ll have a little Norwegian smørbrød party to look forward to this weekend !

I wish Oslo Airport has room for one more store that sells well-designed made-in-Norway products. I reckon they would definitely make a better piece of Norway to bring home than those slightly creepy troll figurines.

A quick survey of design stores in Oslo during my short trip also disappointingly turned up more Scandinavian products that are made in Sweden or Denmark than items by Norwegian designers (even Norway Designs is guilty of this, tsk).

2 Thoughts on “Souvenirs from Norway

  1. Ooo like like all the design and info in this post!

    Lol at the vetoing.
    And moose saucisson?! Interessant.

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