An hour or so in Vernon

Giverny — with its overpriced restaurants and busloads of brash Americans — was just a little too touristy for photos despite those breath-taking summer blooms. We were only in Vernon en route to Giverny but I ended up liking Vernon more. It’s probably where Giverny locals go for a good lunch or do their weekly shopping anyway. The owners of the house came home while I was photographing their windows and jokingly asked if they would see the pictures in the newspapers the next day.

4 Thoughts on “An hour or so in Vernon

  1. We were in Giverny last year, and yes, Monet’s house and garden were overran by tourists. On the other hand, we nipped over to Le Jardin des Plumes and not only escaped the madness, but had a wonderful lunch on the sunny terrace and surrounded by green spaces.

  2. I tend to like the more quiet places too… There’s nothing like a bunch of tourists to to discourage me (even though I’m also a tourist).

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