Speak Mandarin Campaign

While reading up on the recent buzz on Singapore’s bilingualism policy, I chanced upon these Speak Mandarin Campaign posters from the 1980s. Not sure where I can lay my hands on them but would love to frame the first two up on my wall one day.

Speak Mandarin 1Speak Mandarin 2

Speak Mandarin 3Speak Mandarin 4

2 Thoughts on “Speak Mandarin Campaign

  1. where’d you find those?

    btw, did you know i work for the dept that runs the speak good english movement and the speak mandarin campaign.

    but naw i’ve never seen those posters at work. ha

  2. OMG. Go ask your coworkers, especially the old aunties/uncles who look like they’d been working in the dept since the 1980s or someone responsible for archiving past campaigns, hehe.

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