I finally went to the hospital yesterday. Despite feeling good as new on Sunday after the acupuncture sessions, my situation took a turn for the worse this week with a nagging persistent backache that refused to go away.

When people say Shanghai East Hospital, I keep hearing “Shanghaiist Hospital”.

It’s my first time at a public hospital’s VIP clinic in China. The medical staff is attentive and I didn’t have to run to several counters to make enquiries, schedule appointments and process payment. I can actually do everything… at the same counter ! I like !

While at the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) department, I bumped into several foreigners who must have sought treatment at the foreigners’ medical center located within the same hospital. I’m glad I didn’t go to the foreigners’ medical center since I really don’t see the need to pay exorbitant medical fees just to be accompanied by an English-speaking staff.

I never knew that I’m not supposed to open my eyes during an MRI scan. I laid down in the scanner, listened to a series of strange bleeps, sirens and pulsing beats for about 10 minutes and that sums up my first MRI experience.

Seems like Western medicine (physiotherapy) and traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture) both apply the same principles in treating back injuries: pressure, heat and electrical current. I think I prefer physiotherapy because there are no needles involved.

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  1. Jellyfish on January 9, 2010 at 2:08 AM said:

    Haha! They must have tricked you! Whether your eyes are open or closed is totally irrelevant (trust me on this one, I work with MRIs). The only plausible interpretation is: they didn’t want you to panic in the scanner, so they made you close them.

    Joke aside, I hope your back feels better now!!

    • Thanks, it’s good to know that at least ! Sigh it’s coming back again this past week so I guess I’ll try to exercise more and see if it goes away.

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