Päffgen Kölsch




Comes highly recommended by a friend whom I wasn’t able to meet up with this time unfortunately. Our köbes Peter has a photo of himself stickered on his kranz and seemed gruff at first but warmed up to us as best as he could with tourists who don’t speak much German. We were there two times in a day, that’s how good it is. By the end of our second session — one intense Germany-Ghana fußball match and 20 glasses of kölsch later — in its leafy biergarten, our German still leaves much to be desired but Peter gave us a complimentary glass of kölsch for the road (back to Düsseldorf). I haven’t drunk this much beer in a long time.

Päffgen Kölsch
Friesenstraße 64-66, 50670 Köln, Germany

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