Bowie Wong show

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year and the ongoing fashion week buzz, here’s something I’d photographed and written some weeks back.







Veering off the classic silhouettes and palette of his debut show at Paris Haute Couture Week last year, Sydney-based HK-born designer Bowie Wong plays up the theatrics at his couture presentation this week with strong, architectural silhouettes and bolder styling.

Gone are the bells and metallic shimmer of the previous collection but his central theme of harmony and zen continues, this time punctuated with Japanese influences and a fiery shade of red where playful layers of tulle and sequins flirt with golden embroidered peonies.

Between rich textures and athletic neoprene arm sleeves, “Recollection” is a thought-provoking, dream-like collection fraught with delicate balances — stunningly-exquisite pieces contrasted with the rawness of hand-woven Japanese waraji straw sandals and knee-high tabi socks.

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