Food frenzy #4


Found a non-touristy eatery near J’s apartment with the most delectable xiaolongbaos sans queues. Awesome. I was feeling experimental and tried the duck blood soup. Not so awesome.


All your nutritional needs for the day – carbs, protein, vitamins and fibre – checked. I like my chicken wings with a dash of lime, miam !


I don’t know the name of this vegetable but I know I like it very much. Best stir-fried and served hot.

2 Thoughts on “Food frenzy #4

  1. 我看里面有蒜苔,芦笋(切片),芹菜呗

  2. 啊,对啦,就是蒜苔!谢谢. 其实我只炒了蒜苔,没有其他的菜了.

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