Pretty Poinsettia

A good friend has just given me my first Christmas gift this year in the hope that the plant “will keep me company in the apartment” since I’m working from home given my recent back troubles. I only just found out that the plant is also called Noche Buena and is actually indigenious to Mexico. Nice !


2 Thoughts on “Pretty Poinsettia

  1. 好鲜艳的花阿,这个花好像的确是圣诞节到处都用来增加节日气氛的,难道就叫“圣诞红”?哈哈,这份圣诞礼物也太早了!

  2. 对,就是圣诞红 !没办法,体弱多病. 需要红花来带点好运.

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