Recent Muji purchases

I’ve bought snacks, stationery and paper goods from Muji but never clothing, mostly because I think they are rather over-priced at times and too organic for my taste while the design, despite keeping to a consistent wardrobe classic theme, doesn’t jump at me.

Imagine my delight when I chanced upon this reasonably-priced cotton Breton sweater with off-shoulder stripes in a great color. Exactly what I’d been looking for (sans shoulder buttons though I shan’t be too picky) ! It fits better than it looks here, all loose and pyjamasy.

I also scored a lovely mesh bag that is meant for miscellaneous household knick-knacks but I think I have other uses for it.





5 Thoughts on “Recent Muji purchases

  1. 新买了东西,不错阿,果然是你的风格,尤其是那个网袋!totally you

  2. 两件都很me, 拜托. 呵呵 !

  3. Hi, I like this net bag so much! Do you know where can I find it now ? Thanks very much!!

  4. 這個袋子我好喜歡,請問只有上海國內才有嗎?應該是很久以前的東西了,不知道現在還有沒有,可以從哪裡買呢?請問你這裡有嗎?

  5. maggs – 可能试试到Muji找找看,国内国外都行。机率或许不高因为这是09年的产品。Good luck !

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