London on the threshold of autumn

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I’m getting to know London a little better with every short trip. Stayed with good friends in Brixton this time in the company of squirrels (squeal) and foxes (double squeal). Also found time to revisit the V&A and saw its ceramics collection for the first time (mind blown).

2 Thoughts on “London on the threshold of autumn

  1. hellO! love the V&A ceramic collection. find it’s such a well-kept secret as no one bothers to go to the top floor. discovered it one rainy sunday and keep meaning to return but haven’t. could happily spend hours wandering the aisles and oogling all that beautiful china X

    • Wee Ling on October 29, 2015 at 7:03 PM said:

      Hi ! Didn’t know it’s something of a well-kept secret. I only had time for a quick browse this time, must definitely head back as I’ve been obssessing over French ceramics since forever (i.e. recent 1-2 years).

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