Chez Françoise

Cool project by an old acquaintance Eric Leleu in Guesnain, the village in northern France where he grew up in, documenting the retirement of café owner Françoise, and along with it, the shuttering of the oldest café in Guesnain after 25 years.

As a foreigner here, I find that physical social networks like this are still everywhere in France, even in Paris with all its fancy/ non-fancy supermarkets and hipster coffee shops.

Off the top of my head, in my (new) neighborhood, I can think of the tiny boucherie which still sells horse meat, the alimentation générale run by two Arab dudes and the couple of café-tabacs teeming with regulars at all hours I’ve not (yet) entered.

We just have to keep an eye out for them.

6 Thoughts on “Chez Françoise

  1. The place might not be dead ! I am considering buying the building and reopen the café (+ exhibition room)…

    • Wee Ling on January 29, 2016 at 12:57 PM said:

      O Eric, that’s incredible news ! Hope it works out. Would warrant a trip to guesnain I reckon…

      p/s Will that mean Françoise stepping out of retirement then ?

  2. excellente initiative, émouvante et pleine de poésie

  3. Je ne l’ai malheureusement quasiment jamais fréquenté sauf peut être pour la presse étant gamin…Ensuite la vie ma éloigné de Guesnain mais l’atmosphère qui y régnait est formidablement retranscrite. bravo à tous !
    A voir et revoir sans modération…

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