Answers to a preschool survey

She is 21 months old and French-Singaporean, her dad French and her mom Singaporean. We are first-time parents and have just moved to Singapore a few months ago so that we can be closer to our family in Singapore.

She is usually at her grandparents’ on weekday afternoons and she has no issue saying goodbye to us when we leave. She is fine spending the night at her mamie’s in Paris or at her grandparents’ in Singapore.

Since we moved to Singapore, we have been traveling sometimes and would leave her at her grandparents’ for a few days and she has no issue being away from her parents.

We are now telling her that she would be going to preschool soon to prepare her for it.

A happy child who looks forward to going to preschool and who finds learning new things and spending time with other children and adults enjoyable.

We have meals together and we also listen to music, read and play together.

Reading, stringing beads, arranging toys in a row to resemble a train, playing at the playground/ waterpark and playing in the bath.

We usually let her try to do things on her own first before stepping in to help her.

We always encourage her to climb and go down steps/ stairs by herself.

We don’t intervene when she plays at the playground unless if it is dangerous.

We don’t play with her all the time so she has learnt to play and read alone.

We usually ask her to help us put her toys and books away at the end of the day.

She watches her mother prepare her meals, sometimes on a stool in a kitchen.

At her grandparents’, she helps to push her high chair to the table at mealtimes and puts it away after.

She helps us take her soiled diapers and other small household trash to the bin.

We give her a Duralex glass to drink water from at mealtimes and encourage her to use the fork instead of using her hands.

It depends — sometimes in the late morning (10/11am) before lunch, sometimes in the late afternoon (3/4pm) for about 1-1.5h and sometimes not at all.

No pacifier as she sucks on her thumb and she has her rabbit doudou if we are at home. She is still wearing diapers but we are starting to potty-train her.

She is sociable, curious and she has appeared to be rather non-confrontational when we observe her at the playground.

She understands instructions well and seems to understand things when we explain things to her.

She is a good eater. She attempts to feed herself sometimes but still needs to be fed proper meals. She is capable of drinking, eating snacks and fruit on her own.

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  2. So awesome to see E thriving but don’t grow up so quickly! I can still remember her happily dancing to her music books, and at this rate she’ll be playing the music the next time I see her!

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