And he didn’t suspect a thing

So J had his birthday Thursday last week and it was rather uneventful given that I was in the midst of my back ordeal and he was juggling a stressful week at work and making sure I wasn’t worrying my socks off. I decided to heck it and planned for a surprise dinner and drinks over the weekend despite not knowing if I could go.

In the end, I lasted through the night (my first big night out since the injury !) and I’m glad I did it. It was a great night and everyone, particularly the birthday boy, had fun. All photos courtesy of A, the girl with those cozy arm warmers. By the way, that’s not a real moustache in the second last photo. In the last photo, S was pretending to be a Taiwanese rock musician and I think he pretty much rocked it.








2 Thoughts on “And he didn’t suspect a thing

  1. So it was you that stole Charlie Chaplin’s moustache!

  2. Only because Tito told me to, heheh ! Charlie Chaplin was the one who took Tito’s sombrero.

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